CCTV Home installation specialists

CCTV 8 camera system

CCTV has become widespread throughout the UK over the last few years.

CCTV is not just for shops, corporate buildings and schools, its now available for the home user at a very reasonable price.

We can offer a range of different CCTV products from a simple 1x camera installation up to an 8x camera security system.

Most CCTV installations are different and require specific requirements depending on the install.
We will come and assess your location and design the perfect CCTV system to match your needs.

*Once installation has been completed, we will guide you through the security system and provide full training and support.

CCTV does work

cctvApart from catching the criminals in the act and having videos evidence to prove it in court a CCTV camera system acts as the perfect deterrent for the would be criminal.  Statistics point to major reductions in crime being committed where there are cameras installed.

To deter the criminal would be the best practice in crime prevention and only a foolish criminal would try to break into a building with visible security cameras.

CCTV will provide the very highest level of deterrent in the majority of cases.

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